SHARE Expands Satsudora and Fitness Business On April 1st, the first store will open in Satsudora Kamata store

SHARE Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido; Representative director: Teruaki Saeki) cooperates with Sapporo Drug Store Co., Ltd., a group company of Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd. We will announce that we plan to open "way" and "smart care".

Japan's life expectancy reached a record high (* 1) in 2018 for both men and women. In recent years, “healthy lifespan” has also become an important index, meaning the period of time spent without limit on daily life. Daily efforts to prevent diseases and promote health are necessary to extend the healthy life span.

In addition, people who exercise regularly have a result (* 2) that the morbidity rate and mortality rate of lifestyle-related diseases are low, and in order to be healthy, exercise that moves the body moderately is also necessary. However, there is a reality (※ 2) that 74.6% of people in their 20s and 70s feel lack of exercise, and there is still room for health efforts.

The Sapporo Drug Store is based on the policy of providing "Hokkaido's" always "as a store concept and providing consumer health support, and it is possible to make Hokkaido's health industry more lively by being able to make exercise a habit after shopping It was agreed that we thought and proceed with opening a store in the two-company collaboration.

※ 1 From Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "2017 simple life table" ※ 2 For realization of health longevity society ※ 2 for 2014 health and labor white paper From health ・ prevention first year … from "the situation and consciousness over Chapter 2 health"

【the next deployment】
In addition to promoting store openings through collaboration, we are planning the following initiatives.

● Joint planning and sales of PB products such as supplements and proteins ● Improvement of services through the use of human resources such as managed dietitians ● Second career support in cooperation with regional professional sports teams ● Common whint card Alliance with EZOCA and marketing activities

[What is a smart way]
A fitness gym where you can receive weekly tutoring with an easy-to-visit location and reasonable price settings. As well as exercise guidance, you can also take a massage and stretch.

【With smart care】
A tailor-made salon where you can receive "Momi-Hogushi" by qualified people. With the Smartway, it is possible to proceed with "training" at the same time, aiming to fundamentally improve problems (such as stiff shoulders).

[Store summary]
Smart Way Kamata: Scheduled to open on April 1, 2019. Smart Care Kamata: Expected to open in the middle of May 2019. Location: Kitajo-ku, Sapporo 9 Jado 3 3-chome 1st 1 (Satsudra Kamata store)
Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (closed on Sundays)

■ Sapporo Drugstore Co., Ltd. President Hiroki Toyama's comments Beyond drugstores, people can contribute to the health of more people by providing an environment where people can feel free and enjoyable to continue exercising. Through this fitness business, we have developed this "smart way" and "smart care" in various ways, such as developing high-quality, low-price supplements and other products that are our strengths, as well as interaction and collaboration with local professional sports teams. We want to make it live.

■ SHARE Co., Ltd. Representative Director Teruaki Saeki's comment “Health” I want to deliver it to many people without being restricted by the region or economic power where I live! I would like to create synergy with Satsudora in various ways, such as proposing foods and supplements to be eaten every day, as well as promoting exercise habits as a partner to share my thoughts, and offering / educating people who can contribute to the health of customers It is

[About Sapporo Drug Store Co., Ltd.]
Satsudora Holdings Co., Ltd. is an operating company established in August 2016, and operates 201 drug stores, 10 dispensing pharmacies and 3 living department stores (as of March 15, 2019), mainly in Hokkaido. After opening the first store in a supermarket in Sapporo city in 1972, repeated store openings while expanding assortment and service, and changed the store brand to "Satsudora" in March 2016. While taking drugstore business as a customer contact, we carry out initiatives rooted in the area, such as childcare support, depopulated areas, and opening stores on remote islands.
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[About SHARE Inc.]
Since its establishment in February 2011, it operates seven facilities for rehabilitation, seven stores for fitness clubs, five hospitals for osteopathic acupuncture, and three stores for acupuncture. The “Individual Guidance Fitness Smart Way” is a personal that integrates the know-how we have cultivated while developing businesses involved in the health of young and old with various styles such as home visits by acupuncturists, food instruction utilizing smartphones, etc. By offering high priced services such as training at a price that anyone can use, it is used mainly by people who are not good at exercising and those who have not followed exercise habits. In the future, we plan to promote the deployment of Smartway license mainly in Sapporo city.
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