Sapporo City and the general association Sapporo Tourism Association, NTT Docomo Co., Ltd., NTT Technocross Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation jointly carry out a demonstration experiment project to provide “Sapporo Tourism Ainori Taxi” and electronic tickets for tourist facilities I will do.

Sapporo City and the General Association of Sapporo Tourism Association (hereinafter Sapporo Tourist Association), NTT Docomo Co., Ltd. (NTT DoCoMo), NTT Technocross Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Technocross), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) , "Sapporo Sightseeing Ainori Taxi" and tourist facilities electronic ticket
We will jointly carry out a field trial project that will provide them. This is a solution to the problems of secondary traffic, cashless settlement and communication, which is an urgent issue in tourism by tourists including foreign tourists, which have been rapidly increasing in recent years, satisfaction of tourists This is aimed at increasing consumer spending and motivation for re-visiting. The method of offering a combined sharing taxi for tourists and electronic tickets for tourist facilities at a fee is the first in Japan (January, Heisei 31 As of 24th) will be.

■ Points of the demonstration project
· "Sapporo Sightseeing Ainori Taxi" enhances the convenience of tourists when traveling around a sightseeing facility in the suburbs as well as realizing usage at low prices through a sharing economy and helps solve secondary traffic problems I will aim for that.
– By deciding the optimum vehicle by real-time AI processing and dispatching it, we can realize efficient cooperative operation to the target getting-off place (utilizing on-demand type transport service "AI Traffic Bus ®" * 1)).
· Sapporo City's open data platform "DATA – SMART CITY SAPPORO" * 2 has selected the place to get on and off, and effective efforts are expected.
· In conjunction with the efforts of "Sapporo Sightseeing Ainori Taxi", we are trying to solve problems of cashless and communication, which is a problem specific to foreign tourists, by utilizing ICT such as introduction of electronic tickets.

※ 1: "AI Tank Bus" is registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
* 2: Sapporo City ICT utilization platform "DATA-SMART CITY SAPPORO"
Efforts aimed at aggregating public and private data, revitalizing regional economies and improving civic services

■ Content of the demonstration project
1. Service name: "Sapporo Sightseeing Ainori Taxi"
2. Implementation Period: From January 25 (Fri) to February 24 (Sun) of Heisei 31
3. Target: Tourists (especially foreign tourists, although citizen use is also not hindered.)
4. Service contents of a taxi ride:
(1) Riding method: Get on and off freely between 16 different places in the city pre-determined at 3,000 yen per person (tax included) (Credit card settlement by boarding fee is charged by WEB)
(2) How to use: Users can make reservations (get on / off places and hours on the map) and settlement on the web (smartphone or tablet) (URL: ).
(3) Operating time: 9: 00-17: 00 (reservation reception time is 8: 00-16: 30)
(4) Traffic Vehicles: Usual Taxi (Capacity 5 people) and Jumbo Taxi (Capacity 10 people) are used in combination, Up to 15 units are used
(5) Place for getting on and off:
· Tourist facilities (8 facilities in the city)
White boyfriend park, Miwawa mountain ropeway, Okurayama jumping stadium, Maruyama zoo, Central Wholesale Market Outside market, Sapporo Beer Museum, Sapporo Himagaoka Observation deck, Sapporo dome
· Accommodation (8 facilities in the city)
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo, Hotel Krabi Sapporo, Sapporo Grand Hotel, Sapporo Prince Hotel, Sapporo Daiichi Hotel, Premier Hotel Nakajimakoen Sapporo, Sapporo Park Hotel
5. Electronic ticket compatible facilities: Maruyama zoo, Sapporo shepherd hill observation deck, Sapporo television tower (Admission to each facility requires a separate admission fee.)
6. Promotion system: Jointly implementing joint experimental agreements with Sapporo City, Sapporo Tourist Association, Docomo, Technocross and NTT. With the cooperation of the Sapporo Hire Association, city accommodation facilities and tourist facilities etc., develop under a wide range of public-private partnerships
7. Others: Identify the issues and effects of the efforts by questionnaire to the participating business operators and users, and utilize them to study development from the following year or later

For boarding and leaving places, we have selected based on the data of Sapporo City ICT utilization platform "DATA – SMART CITY SAPPORO" which started operation in FY2017 based on the data (human flow data and hotel inbound guest number etc).